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"When diabetics don't know what to do, they do nothing, which is a serious, and dangerous, mistake"

Diabetes is a progressive disease that is not just a pancreas, blood sugar, and insulin thing. Your body is made up of 37 trillion individually functioning cells, and diabetes impacts every single one of them. From the hair on your head to your toenails.

The majority of your body's cells have mechanisms that control how much glucose enters each cell. However, there are 7 areas in your body where your body's cells do not have those protective mechanisms (called transporters, receptors & gates). Consequently, when your blood sugar is elevated (above 110 mg/dL as read on your meter) outside of your cells, in the bloodstream, the glucose level inside those cells will be elevated as well, which has disastrous, dangerous, consequences. The cells and the DNA inside these cells will be overwhelmed, and will commit what scientists call "apoptosis," which means that the cells commit suicide...they die. The higher the blood sugar the greater the damage.

The seven areas that are affected are your brain, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, red blood cells, blood vessels and arteries, and some nerves. The cell death in the pancreas occurs in the beta cells (insulin producing cells), which is what causes the manifestation of type I diabetes, and eventually if control remains poor, insulin dependent type II diabetes. The cell death in the kidneys can lead to kidney disease and failure. The cell death in the brain will lead to memory loss, difficulty in learning and cognitive function (brain fog). Cell death in the intestines leads to digestive issues and constipation. Cell death in the arteries causes lesions which start the formation of arterial plaque, and will lead to the development of heart disease. The American Heart Association classifies ALL diabetics as having heart disease, even if they have never suffered a heart attack or stroke. Nearly 9 out of 10 (85%) of all diabetics die from a heart attack or stroke. And, cell death in the nerves causes neuropathy, which is a disease in itself that is also progressive and destructive; it can be fatal.  It causes pain and/or itching and loss of feeling in the extremities; eventually many other areas of the body. The medications prescribed for neuropathy merely mask the pain. They do not stop the progression; and the side effects are very dangerous. The pain and progression of neuropathy damage can be easily stopped naturally; with no side effects.

To make matters worse, type II diabetics, and many type I diabetics, have a condition known as insulin resistance, which means that those cells that do have receptors and gates to control how much glucose enters each cell break down; they malfunction. That means that the glucose in the bloodstream cannot enter the cells, so the cells are starved of the important fuel needed to power the cells. Since there is nowhere for the glucose to go, the blood sugar remains high for extended periods of time, which is very destructive; glucose and insulin are highly toxic if left in the bloodstream too long. Serious damage will occur to millions of microscopic capillary blood vessels that feed cells.

Your doctor does not seek to stop the progression of diabetes damage, but merely to slow it down with medications. Diabetes is a nutritionally based disease, and your doctor has very little training in nutrition.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg

You can stop the progression of damage caused by diabetes, but you must learn how to accomplish that. This website is designed to make it possible to learn all that you need to know to gain complete control over your diabetes-FREE! (books and eBooks are sold at cost)

Many thousands of hours of research on diabetes have been done by volunteers, taught in free classes, and numerous books written to make it possible for every diabetic to gain complete control over their diabetes-lower their risk of heart disease, lower their triglycerides, cholesterol, blood pressure, and to significantly reduce the number of medications taken and their dosages. -To empower every diabetic to understand how their body functions, how diabetes interferes with that, how to interpret what their body is telling them, and how to develop a strategy to fix it.

What Diabetics Don't Know About Diabetes

-But Should!

To Gain Complete Control over Diabetes You Must:

Restore and maintain a diverse balanced beneficial bacteria population.

Your gastrointestinal tract contains 100 trillion bacteria (over 100,000 species); 80% of which, are beneficial and necessary to keep you healthy and alive. Diabetes, and a poor diet, causes a significant loss of these beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. The consequences can be devastating. Without a healthy bacterial population in your intestines you will find weight management to become unmanageable, you will experience a decline in immune function, a decline in cognitive function, you will suffer from nearly every viral or bacterial disorder that passes through (colds, flu, and others), and your metabolism will slow significantly. And, you will be highly likely to develop diabetic complications.

The bad diet and the loss of these very important bacteria will lead to a condition called leaky gut. Leaky gut means that the otherwise tight bond of cells that form the lining of your intestines will begin to allow putrification (pathogens, acidic toxins, bacteria, and viruses) to pass through the intestinal limning into the tissues and bloodstream which will be carried throughout your entire body. These substances will generate massive amounts of inflammation throughout the entire body; with potentially dire consequences.

Unfortunately, diabetics and the obese also have a condition known as leaky lymph (lymphedema) which means that the vessels that make up the lymph system (all 20,000 miles of them) will leak like a soaker hose used in your garden. The lymph system picks up close to 5 gallons of waste, fats, toxins, and other substances and purifies it and then returns it to the vascular system for further processing. That means that the waste matter is being spewed into the tissues throughout the body. When these toxic fluids combine with the putrification from the leaky gut the resulting massive amounts of toxic substances being distributed throughout your body will be extensive.

One of the most important things that you must fix is leaky gut and leaky lymph. The 6 steps program teaches you how to restore complete health to both systems. The process will significantly reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and numerous other conditions that are inflammation related.

Restore vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Diabetes causes significant deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, which  causes significant deficiencies in amino acids, enzymes, and hormones that are vitally important to maintaining a healthy state, prevent the development of health complications, control weight, and maintain a quality lifestyle. It will be very important that you learn how to determine which vitamins and minerals are deficient, how to restore them, and how to maintain the proper balance.

Rehydrate. Diabetes causes dehydration. Most diabetics are dehydrated and do not know it. Many have been dehydrated so long that their body no longer produces symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration poses serious issues for the body's cells while attempting to function normally; and control blood sugar. Just drinking a lot of water or fluid will not restore it. You have to learn how to do it properly and how to maintain it.

Change your diet. Diabetics do not know what to eat, and what not to eat. They do not know how to plan meals, and balance calories, carbohydrates, and proteins. They consume less than half the fiber that their body needs. They do not understand the importance of getting adequate amounts of healthy fats in their diet; or what healthy fats are. And they do not understand the importance of balancing the omega 3's and omega 6's in their diet to prevent heart disease.

Exercise. Diabetics do not get enough exercise, or know how to utilize exercise to reduce the risk of heart disease, repair diabetic damage, or promote overall health.

Lose your excess body fat. Losing the excess body fat is one of the most important things that a diabetic must do, but they do not know how to accomplish that. Despite trying to lose weight, diabetes can produce insurmountable roadblocks to weight loss. Nature adds to all of that by programming your body to favor weight gain (obesity). You will need to learn how to overcome all of that to permanently lose the excess body fat.

Restore and balance your immune system, restore normal organ function, and remove dangerous, damaging, acidic toxins. Diabetes, medications, and antibiotics destroys beneficial bacteria in the gut, which is the foundation for the immune system. Diabetes produces acidic toxins. You will learn how to remove the acidic toxins, restore organ function as much as possible, and to restore the beneficial bacteria population, and restore and rebalance the immune system.

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