Diabetes Control-How to Lose Stubborn Diabetic Belly Fat Permanently

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Weight Loss                             Published 2015

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  Weight loss is one of the top two most important things that a diabetic can do to gain control over their diabetes. Diabetics typically have 50 pounds or more of excess body fat. Body fat drives diabetes, fatty liver, inflammation, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and numerous diabetic complications. Unfortunately, for diabetics, weight loss is a very complex problem. Nature itself fights weight loss by programming your body to favor obesity. But diabetes adds significantly to that. This book outlines the causes of weight loss, the roadblocks to weight loss, how to fix them, and how to trick your body into overcoming the numerous things that otherwise would make weight loss very difficult; if not impossible. Forget the fad diets; they simply will not work for diabetics.   

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